How Bloodless Blood Testing Works

GPx is pioneering a novel AI platform to develop, validate, and deliver bloodless blood tests to effectively remotely monitor complex chronic diseases.

Through the power of our platform, measurement of external biomarkers can now provide an accurate window to patients’ blood.


We predict what happens inside your body, from the outside.

Canary prediction engine

GPx’s proprietary Canary Prediction Engine is core to the unique technology called “Bloodless Blood Tests” which introduces non-invasive continuous blood biomarker monitoring into remote chronic disease monitoring.


From unstructured
to structured data

Canary longitudinally organizes and transforms biomarker data captured from wearables, smartphones, peripherals, and blood tests into a single patient status.



Canary applies tailored biomarker thresholds to reach higher prediction accuracy than previously published digital biomarkers, which applied uniform thresholds across whole patient populations.


Artificial intelligence accelerates performance

AI unlocks the predictive power of the exponential interactions of multiple biomarker types, to supply the world’s first “Bloodless Blood Test”.

Our Bloodless Blood Test pipeline

GPx is building a portfolio of Bloodless Blood Tests that predict clinically relevant changes in blood biomarkers across acute and complex chronic diseases.

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State of the art blood biomarker analysis from home

To provide their physician with an accurate view of their disease status, a patient simply has to provide four drops of blood from their fingertip onto our sample card and mail it to our CLIA certified Lab for analysis.

State of the art blood biomarker

Our collection and analysis methods are validated and performed in a CLIA-approved laboratory. Several other powerful blood biomarkers are in our pipeline, and will be added to our panel.

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