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Accelerate clinical studies and market development

The novel CardioID platform is easily deployable and highly customizable to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The platform reliably collects a wide array of valuable digital and blood biomarkers while maintaining a high priority on patient compliance and comfort. Additional digital biomarkers, peripherals, and biological sample tests may be included according to partners’ needs.

Clinical Research

Measure secondary end-points

Measure patient outcomes in additional or alternative ways during clinical studies or real-world-evidence collection. Avoid the limitations of subjective measures like QOL or tricky measures like readmissions. Heart Failure, Diabetes

Measure safety end-points

Monitoring of renal, liver, or other organ functions during clinical studies. Chronic Kidney Disease, Hyperkalemia, Heart Failure

Enable virtual visits & trials

Replace physical visits with virtual visits to improve patient compliance and satisfaction. Increase frequency of collected data per patient. Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Failure, Diabetes

Post Commercialization

Identify rare or hard-to-find patient populations

Register patients through testing offered through clinical care. HFpEF, Pulmonary Hypertension

Therapy titration

Achieve and maintain guideline-directed medical therapy (GDMT) more effectively. Heart Failure, Diabetes

Screen patients for later-line therapies

Support mass screening or market development efforts. Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes


CardioID for Heart failure

Patient Starter Kit

Includes our proprietary medical-grade LTE-connected smartwatch, wireless weight scale, and blood sample collection kits. Companion mobile app is provided with personalized daily checklists, symptom checkers and messaging support with providers.

Clinician Dashboard
Clinician Dashboard

Powers effective remote management of HF patients by enabling clinicians to set custom alerts when any patient’s blood or digital biomarkers exceed a threshold. Clinicians may also perform deeper analyses of patients by reviewing their longitudinally collected biomarker data on any timescale.

Concierge Service

Pre-configured, SIM-connected devices means that patients are quickly onboarded and uploading vital data to the cloud. Our warranty ensures that lost or broken items get replaced quickly with no fuss.

State of the art blood biomarker analysis from home

To provide their physician with an accurate view of their disease status, a patient simply has to provide four drops of blood from their fingertip onto our sample card and mail it to our CLIA certified Lab for analysis.

State of the art blood biomarker
State of the art blood biomarker analysis from home

Our collection and analysis methods are validated and performed in a CLIA-approved laboratory. Several other powerful blood biomarkers are in our pipeline, and will be added to our panel.

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