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Launching a new era of chronic disease management with the world’s first blood biomarker-based remote monitoring solution for cardio-renal disease.

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A bloodless future for healthcare?

Blood tests are the gold standard for predicting disease progression. Unfortunately, blood tests may also be time consuming, expensive, and painful.

A bloodless future for healthcare

What if your smartwatch
could tell you

When vital blood biomarkers change?

Our Purpose

GPx is enhancing remote patient management by building a new class of biomarkers called Bloodless Blood Tests. Through our AI-powered Canary Prediction Engine, digital biomarkers collected from patient wearables and peripherals transform into an unparalleled window into patient blood biomarker status. With this data, physicians benefit from presymptomatic detection of critical patient condition changes, enabling timely treatment that avoids hospital readmissions.

Our Purpose

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One of GPx's Co-Founders, Javier Echenique got the privilege to be interviewed by #Sony Startup Acceleration Program. Check out the full interview here:

We are thrilled to announce #GPx has won $10,000 of in-kind services and a chance to work with #BostonScientific to take our vision of #BloodlessBloodTest to the next level.

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.@bostonsci is delighted to announce the Connected Patient Challenge VI Pitch Off on Thurs, Aug 12 at 12noon Eastern Time. Finalists are @GPx_Boston @valhallahealth #VoiceLove @iTetherTech @KaliaHealth. Register here -


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  • KU Medical Center
  • The Christ Hospital
  • Scripps
  • Duke Health
  • Medical Universiyt of Vienna
  • Narayana Health
  • Hospital Univarsitario

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